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Weather Alert: If You Have Experienced Hail Damage in Omaha, NE Area call 800-731-1804 to Schedule a Free Evaluation or Click Here

An insurance loss can be a complicated and daunting experience. Stellar understands all aspects of the insurance recovery process. When you hire Stellar you are hiring damage experts. We are trained professionals that will help guide you through the entire process. We will evaluate your building, and determine ALL of the damage it has sustained from hail, wind or flood. We will then discuss the amount of damage to your building, the appropriate replacement and the reasonable cost of replacement with your insurance carrier. Once the insurance carrier determines the dollar amount to repair your property to pre-loss condition, we then repair the damages to your building based on this cost determination and the scope of work. We adhere to the highest standards of quality, and provide the best workmanship and warranties in the industry. We make the entire process easy!

Our consulting services are FREE! We are not public adjusters who charge for consulting services. We are a licensed commercial general contractor. We cannot discuss policy, but we will meet with your adjuster and provide a damage assessment including measurements and photographs, and an estimate at no cost to you. We work solely on a contingency contract basis which means if your claim is denied, you owe us nothing for any upfront consulting services and our contract is voided. If your claim is approved we will complete the restoration work for the replacement cost value as determined by your insurance carrier. Therefore, other than your deductible and any applicable co-insurance you have zero out-of-pocket expenses for the repairs!

Insurance loss and restoration work is unlike your conventional construction project. There are many moving parts and variables including fluctuations in labor and material costs. When you sign a contingency contract you know from the moment you sign that you will not have any out-of pocket expenses. You have peace of mind in knowing that we assume that risk. So, other than your deductible and any applicable co-insurance you have zero out-of-pocket expenses for the repairs!

Regardless of whether you get three bids or not, the insurance carrier is going to determine the cost, not the contractor. Running around chasing bids is a waste of your valuable time. Choose your contractor based on the service and expertise that they provide. Most roofers are not insurance loss experts. We are! When you hire Stellar, you are hiring trained insurance loss and restoration professionals. We are damage experts and we will make sure that nothing is overlooked!

We are nationalSo yes, we are local! In order to be a highly skilled and experienced insurance loss and restoration contractor we have to go where the storms have created a need. This should give you peace of mind knowing that we are constantly working and gaining experience with adjusters and insurance carriers all over the nation.

That’s easy, check our references! Stellar has an impeccable reputation in our industry. We have successfully completed projects nationwide for our many clients who range from multi-family management companies to individual and corporate property owners with large commercial, retail and industrial facilities. We are a Compliance Depot Vendor which means that we adhere to the highest standards of insurance coverage. We are also top rated by the Better Business Bureau. Bottom line - we do what we say we will do!

Not only will stellar replace your roof, we will fix ALL of the damage sustained by your loss. When a hail and windstorm strikes, most buildings suffer roof damage as well as other building component damage. Hail and wind damage can affect not only the roof but also your HVAC equipment, siding, stucco, windows and more. Stellar is a one-stop shop. We are master roofers AND master contractors. We will take care of it all!

Ultimately, the scope of work and cost of repairs is determined by the insurance carrier. Our extensive experience and wide range of expertise allow us to develop a detailed scope of work which includes ALL of the damages associated with a loss. Stellar will then work with the adjuster to determine the cost of repairs. In most cases the pricing is set by a third party, “Xactimate”, which is the industry standard estimating and pricing software used by insurance companies and adjusters.

Yes! Often your building is your greatest asset. You may not be aware that you have suffered damage from a hail or wind storm. If you are in the process of selling your building and your roof has sustained even minor hail damage, your buyer may lower the price of your building in order to make the repairs. We can help you repair your asset before it’s too late. Let us provide a free, no obligation evaluation!

Yes! In a post storm scenario adjusters are swamped. Often they overlook the hail and wind damage present to your building. Stellar has the experience and latest technology to diagnose the sometimes hidden damage present from a hail or wind event. We never charge for an evaluation, so why not let us give you a second opinion? You have nothing to lose!

A TPO roof type can be installed using two different methods: Mechanically Attached or Fully Adhered.

Mechanically Attached: In this installation process, our team lays the membrane and attaches it to the purlins using plates and fasteners. No adhesives are used and this process provides moderate wind uplift performance.


Fully Adhered: Fasteners and plates are used to attach the insulation and then we adhere the membrane using TPO bonding adhesive. This method allows for wider TPO sheets, meaning fewer seams and better wind uplift performance.

Yes and no. Any cover board will work as an underlayment. The underlayment can act as additional insulation and can also help with fire ratings, that require it.  However, it is not essential.


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